Chapter 25

Practice Test 2: Reasoning through Language Arts

Ready for more practice? You have 95 minutes to complete the question-and-answer section, followed by a ten-minute break, and then another 45 minutes to write the Extended Response (the essay). Remember, on the real GED test, you can’t transfer unused time from one section to another.

The answers and explanations to this test’s questions are in Chapter 26. Review the explanations to all the questions, not just the ones you didn’t get. Going over the answers is a good review technique.

remember.eps Practice tests work best when you take them under the same conditions as the real test. Unless you require accommodations, you’ll be taking the GED test on a computer. You’ll see all the questions on a computer screen and use a keyboard or mouse to indicate your answers. We formatted the questions and answers formatted the questions and answer choices in this book to make them visually as similar as possible to the real GED test. We had to retain some A, B, C, D choices for marking your answers, and we provide a separate answer sheet for you to do so. Also, to make it simpler for you to time yourself, we present the question and answer sections as one unit, rather than two, followed by the Extended Response at the end.

Reasoning through Language Arts Test

Time: 95 minutes

Directions: Mark your answers on the answer sheet provided.

Questions ...

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