Chapter 26

Answers for Practice Test 2, Reasoning through Language Arts

You’ve done the test. Now you need to check your answers. If you just want a quick look at what you got right or wrong, check out the abbreviated answer key with just the answers at the end of this chapter. The better approach is to read all the answers and explanations so you find out the reasoning behind the correct answers. You can discover just as much from your errors as from understanding why the right answers are correct.

Answers and Explanations

  1. B. Not all brands of bottled water are. Although starting a sentence with and or but isn’t a grammar error, it’s generally considered poor style and is a stylistic mistake. It’s best simply to leave out such conjunctions when starting sentences or paragraphs.

    Choice (A) gives no change and is therefore wrong. Choice (C) adds a comma after the word but, which leaves the same style issue. And Choice (D) doesn’t show subject-verb agreement because it uses is.

  2. B. They merely have to remove the chlorine completely and. The mistake here is a split infinitive, which is considered by many to be a grammar mistake. In this case, you shouldn’t split to remove with the adverb completely. Out of the answer choices that don’t split the infinitive, Choice (B) is the best one.
  3. A. Bottled spring waters are different. This is sort of a trick question. The sentence is correct as it stands and requires no change, so Choice (A) is correct. The other options introduce new errors. ...

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