Chapter 30

Answers for Practice Test 2, Science

In this chapter, you find the answers and explanations for the Science practice test in Chapter 29. Review the answer explanation for all the questions, even for the ones you got right, and keep track of areas where you need some additional studying. If you just want a quick look at the answers, check out the abbreviated answer key at the end of this chapter.

Answers and Explanations

  1. bulb. The passage describes how the bulb changes to allow the tulip to survive the winter. The complete explanation of how the bulb enables the tulip to survive is in the second paragraph.
  2. B. last many seasons. Perennial plants grow year after year, so Choice (B) is the best answer according to the passage.
  3. C. granite. All the answer choices except granite are living substances that are made up of cells. Granite is an igneous rock, not a living substance.
  4. D. projectile. Because the projectile is the only part that leaves the gun and because movie producers and directors don’t want to hurt anyone, the guns are altered so that the projectile does no harm. In most cases, there’s no projectile, and the gun just makes a noise and a flash — nothing comes out of the barrel. The bullet still operates in a similar way with flash and noise, but the nonexistent projectile is harmless. The gunpowder is held in place by a paper stopper, which disintegrates when the gun is fired.
  5. D. use less gunpowder in the jacket. The force that propels the projectile out of the ...

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