Chapter 33

Ten Surefire Ways to Prepare for the GED Test

In This Chapter

arrow Finding ways to improve your skills for each test

arrow Giving yourself time to study and sleep

arrow Preparing yourself for the big day

Of course you want to do well on the GED test — otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this book. But we also know that your time is limited, so this chapter gives you ten ideas and tips for preparing for the test, from selecting the right test-taking time for you to working through practice tests and getting familiar with the computer format, so you can do your very best on test day. These tips are all part of preparing for the big day. You want to be able to arrive at the test site with the least amount of worry and stress. Removing as many sources of stress before that day will make everything go much smoother.

Selecting the Best-Possible Test Date

Why take time to prepare for the GED test when you have a million other things to do? Sure, you probably live a busy life all the time, but do your best to find a period in your busy schedule when you can concentrate on preparing for and passing the test. Because the test is administered in small test centers, you may be able to arrange a date ...

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