Chapter 34

Ten Ways to Survive Test Day

In This Chapter

arrow Avoiding common mistakes on test day

arrow Staying calm and focused so you can succeed

Besides all those hours of studying, to succeed on the GED test, you also need to know what to do on the day of the test and how to stay focused through each test section. In this chapter, we give you ten quick and easy ways to help you survive the GED test.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Consider the following situation. You’re about to sit in front of a computer screen for at least 90 minutes (both the Mathematical Reasoning and Reasoning through Language Arts tests are longer). You’ll be sitting on what will probably an uncomfortable chair. The room may be too warm or too cold.

Choosing from the following answers, what’s the appropriate dress for the GED test?

(A) formal dress because this is an important occasion

(B) a parka over a bathing suit because one can never predict the weather

(C) something very comfortable so you can concentrate on the test

(D) your best clothes because you need to impress others

If you picked Choice (C), you have the right idea. Dress comfortably and in layers. All your concentration should be on the test, not your clothes, not on the people around you, and not on the conditions in the room.

Arrive to the Test Site Early ...

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