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Gender Lens Investing

Book Description

Delve into gender lens investing and the reality of the female economy

Women today are an unparalleled force in the global economy—as successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and family breadwinners. Yet gender-based violence, the absence of women's legal rights and the persistent wage gap stubbornly remain. This paradox creates an unprecedented and underexplored opportunity for investors.

Gender Lens Investing, co-authored by Jackie VanderBrug, Managing Director and Joseph Quinlan, Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist, of U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, is the first book of its kind to examine, in-depth the advantages of integrating gender into investment analysis. While other books speak to growing numbers and influence of women, Gender Lens Investing moves from economic trends to financial strategy.

  • Learn why gender is material to economic prosperity and investment performance
  • Explore ways to use a gender lens to assess products, companies and sectors.
  • Delve into the forces of positive social change supported by a gender perspective on investment choices
  • Examine profitable and gratifying gender lens investment strategies

Women are one of the world's greatest underutilized assets, and applying a gender lens allows you to identify companies that recognize this, or uncover the risks of companies that neglect it. A gender lens adds value across the investment community, but the impact reaches far beyond the bounds of portfolios to the economy and society as a whole. Gender Lens Investing provides expert perspective and real-world practical insight for investors looking to drive returns and impact.

Table of Contents

  1. Advance Praise
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Prologue
    1. Why We Wrote This Book
    2. Who This Book Is For
    3. A Few Things to Clarify
    4. The Chapters
    5. Notes
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Authors
  8. Chapter 1: Womenomics and the Measures That Matter
    1. Non-traditional Measures of Womenomics
    2. Social Progress and the Fairer Sex
    3. Notes
  9. Chapter 2: It's the Women, Stupid
    1. How the U.S. Economy Stands on Women's Shoulders
    2. Women as Drivers of Growth
    3. Minding the Gaps That Matter
    4. Japan's Gamble on Womenomics
    5. Trends in Europe Echo America's
    6. Notes
  10. Chapter 3: Womenomics Goes Global
    1. Getting the Basics Right
    2. The Womenomic Difference Between India and China
    3. Women Crossing the Digital Divide
    4. Notes
  11. Chapter 4: From Womenomics to Gender Lens Investing
    1. Investor Attitudes, Ideas, and Returns Are a Changin'
    2. Responsible Investing—Then and Now
    3. Impact Investing Is Another Revolution
    4. Building Bridges Between Philanthropists and Impact Investors
    5. Different Starting Points for Gender Analysis
    6. Notes
  12. Chapter 5: New Paths to Capital
    1. The Women Entrepreneurs' Gender Dividend
    2. The Battle of the Biases
    3. Microfinance Through a Gender Lens
    4. The Missing Middle: Larger than Micro
    5. The New Girl Networks
    6. Notes
  13. Chapter 6: Inside and Outside the Workplace
    1. Think about Gender in a Value Chain
    2. Tracking Four Gender in Business Themes
    3. Analyze Inside, Outside, and Look Forward
    4. Supplier Relationships
    5. Notes
  14. Chapter 7: Getting Beyond Pink
    1. A Gendered Quest for Better Innovation
    2. Perils of Thinking Pink or Blue
    3. Raising Gender IQ in Marketing and Branding
    4. Products for the Base of the Pyramid
    5. Investor Questions Uncovering Innovation
    6. Notes
  15. Chapter 8: A New Field in Motion
    1. The Public Equity and Debt Markets
    2. Private Markets for Investors Across the Wealth Spectrum
    3. Gender Lens Investors Are Not a Secret Society
    4. Creating Your Own Lens
    5. Notes
  16. Chapter 9: A Start That's Here to Stay
    1. The Tailwinds and the Trends
    2. Women with Money
    3. Gender Investing Hurdles
    4. Gender and the Path to Better Investing
    5. Notes
  17. Index
  18. End User License Agreement