There could be any number of reasons that you picked up this book. Maybe you’ve become curious about genealogy after watching a television show. Perhaps you’ve always been interested, but you didn’t have the time to pursue it until now. Possibly, you’re a student with a project to complete on your family history. No matter what the reason, you probably need some help getting started, and we’re here to help!

The amount of available family history resources has skyrocketed in the 19 years since we wrote the first edition of this book (boy, are we getting old!). This is an exciting time because scanned images of key records are coming online at an unprecedented rate. Also, technologies such as DNA testing have been refined and are now invaluable tools that complement evidence from paper records.

Although the technology and amount of material available has changed over the years, you still need a solid foundation for your research. We’ve written Genealogy For Dummies to give you the necessary resources and advice to balance online sources and DNA evidence with traditional research to ensure you are successful every step of the way.

If you’re a repeat reader of Genealogy For Dummies (previous editions were known as Genealogy Online For Dummies), we think you’ll be pleased to find all sorts of new and updated information, including how to use social networking for family history purposes and expanded coverage of DNA testing methods. And, if you’re brand new to genealogy, ...

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