Chapter 1

Beginning Your Ancestral Journey


check Generating a family history timeline

check Getting familiar with a genealogical database

check Creating an online family tree

check Entering data with an app

Ready to dive into your family history? We certainly hope so! The best way to learn how to research is to jump right into it. We help you find the resources you need to be successful along the way.

If you’re new to genealogy, we strongly suggest that you begin your journey with this chapter. (That’s why we made it Chapter 1.) In this chapter, we walk you through the basics of recording genealogical data by starting with a very familiar person — you! We explore different methods of recording your research so you can see which way is best for you. Also, throughout the chapter, we provide some tried-and-true advice to keep you out of genealogical “hot water” in the future.

It’s About Time(line)

tip Late one night, you decide to start looking for information on your great-great-grandfather Absalom ...

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