Chapter 7

Searching for That Elusive Ancestor


check Using general Internet search engines to find your ancestors

check Discovering genealogy vertical search engines

check Using compiled resources

check Checking out a comprehensive genealogical index

As a genealogist, you may experience sleepless nights trying to figure out all the important things in life — the maiden name of your great-great-grandmother, whether great-grandpa was really the scoundrel that other relatives say he was, and just how you’re related to Daniel Boone. (Well, isn’t everyone?) Okay, so you may not have sleepless nights, but you undoubtedly spend a significant amount of time thinking about and trying to find resources that can give you answers to these crucial questions.

In the past, finding information on individual ancestors online was like finding a needle in a haystack. You browsed through long lists of links in hopes of finding a site that contained a nugget of information to aid your search. But looking for your ancestors online has become easier than ever. Instead of merely browsing links, you can use search ...

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