Chapter 11

Direct-Line Genetic Tests


check Understanding Y-chromosome testing

check Getting information from mitochondria

check Comparing results

Have you hit a brick wall with researching either your father’s or mother’s direct-line ancestors? Before you give up all hope of finding those elusive ancestors, why not try a direct-line ancestor DNA test? This chapter focuses on genetic testing of the Y chromosome (used for direct-line male ancestors) and mitochondrial DNA testing (used for direct-line female ancestors). We take you through the process of analyzing the results of both types of tests and point you to some sites that can help you find others with similar results.

Upfront we have to ask you to keep in mind that both tests are very limited in their scope. They are designed to provide evidence on a specific line of ancestors. For tests that apply to a broader set of ancestors, see Chapter 12.

Y chromosome (Y-DNA) testing

The Y chromosome is part of the one chromosomal pair that is not common between males and females; in males, the pair has an X and a Y chromosome, whereas in females, the pair has two X chromosomes. Because the Y chromosome isn’t paired with another Y ...

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