Chapter 13

Finding Your Research Path


check Using the Helm Family Tree Research Cycle

check Taking your time

check Verifying information

Talking about the methods for working on genealogy or family history research isn’t very exciting. However, we would be doing an injustice to you if we sent you out into the jungle that is family history research without giving you some advice from the traditional world of research.

This chapter is designed to provide a research foundation that helps you spend your time as efficiently as possible. In the following pages, we look at how to develop a plan to research your ancestors and cover the phases of research. In the latter parts of the chapter, we go through some gentle reminders that can help you keep your research as relevant as possible.

Introducing the Helm Online Family Tree Research Cycle

Your question at this point is probably, what is the Helm Online Family Tree Research Cycle? All great projects start with a plan, and starting a genealogical project is no exception. A well-thought-out plan can help you make efficient use of your time and keep you focused on the goals that you’ve set for a particular research session. Now, we realize ...

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