Chapter 14

Share and Share Alike


check Networking for success

check Sharing knowledge through blogs

check Making the most of GEDCOM

check Generating reports

check Being a good citizen

Your genealogical database is growing with information about your relatives and ancestors. You’re excited about new findings and leads, and you want to share the news! Or maybe you’ve gone as far as you can on one bloodline and you need a boost. All of these are valid indicators that it’s time to start sharing the valuable information you discovered.

Sharing information is one foundation of a solid genealogical community. When you share information, you often get a lot in return from other researchers. For example, shortly after we began the Helm/Helms Family Research web page, several other Helm researchers throughout the world contacted us. We discovered several Helm lines existed that we didn’t even know about. Plus, we received valuable information on our own line from other researchers, not to mention we connected ...

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