Chapter 15

Help Wanted!


check Sharing the workload

check Joining research groups and societies

check Mining family reunions

check Locating professional researchers

check Pursuing online education

You can think of genealogical research as a journey. You may begin the journey by yourself and know exactly where you’re going. After a while, you discover that the trip would go a lot faster if you had someone along for the ride or you find you need directions. In your genealogical journey, travel partners and help can take various forms — books and classrooms, others researching the same family, a research group interested in one of your family lines, or a genealogical society that coordinates the efforts of many people researching different families in a specific location.

This chapter explores ways to find (and keep) research partners, as well as ways that research groups and genealogical societies can help you meet your research goals.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We think it’s only natural ...

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