Chapter 16

Ten Sites Worth a Visit


check Finding sites with general research info

check Getting help in the form of videos and tutorials

check Discovering shortcuts to genealogy sites

There are a lot of unique sites on the Web that could be useful to your research, or are interesting to check out, at the very least. The following sections describe just a few that might give you a new perspective on doing your family history research.


There are more and more sites for creating your online family tree. Each has different functionality that sets it apart from the rest. rootsfinder is such a site. One of the drawbacks of the FamilySearch online family tree is your lack of control over it. If someone adds or deletes something, it affects your tree whether you like it or not. Fortunately, rootsfinder can integrate with your FamilySearch online family tree, but it also allows you to control what comes in from FamilySearch and, more importantly, what does not.

Some other key features of rootsfinder include hints from other online sites, a “Web Clipper” that copies data from genealogy sites directly into your tree (reducing transcription errors), and a nifty ...

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