Chapter 17

Ten Mobile Applications for Genealogy Research


check Researching in the field

check Saving family interviews and photos using a smart device

check Carrying your reference library in a handy way

Perhaps you are one of those people so addicted to genealogy that you need to constantly be in a state of research. If so, you don’t want to have to lug a computer around with you everywhere you go. However, if you have a smart phone, here are some apps that might help you satisfy your genealogy craving while you are on the go.


If you have an online family tree at then this app is a must. It syncs with your online family trees and you can add new family members, upload source documents, and research hints.

There are three sections to the app — Hints, Tree, and DNA. The Hints view contains a listing of available tips or clues that you can scroll through and review when you have the time. The Tree view is similar to the online Family Tree view, and you can select an individual to see the LifeStory page, Family page, or Gallery. The DNA section shows information on your genetic ancestry, DNA matches, and DNA circles (if you have tested with AncestryDNA). ...

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