When Generation Impact was first published in October of 2017, we said we wanted to “pull back the curtain” to reveal the aspirations and inclinations of the next generation of major donors—a group with unprecedented resources and ardent ambitions that we predicted would become the most significant philanthropists ever. While many had written and talked about these donors, and most believed they needed to understand them better, few had talked with them. Our research was the first of its kind to listen to next gen donors and report in their own words why and how they want to give as well as where they plan to take philanthropy in the future.

As it turned out, many people were eager to learn what we had discovered from these rising Gen X and Millennial donors. We are humbled and delighted that we are nearing 15,000 copies of the book now in the hands of people who want to better understand and engage next gen donors—philanthropic families and professionals, fundraisers, nonprofit board members, a broad array of advisors serving high-net-worth individuals, and others. We have given nearly 100 talks to thousands of people. Countless others have read media interviews, listened to podcasts, and participated in webinars and workshops where we've discussed this group we call “Generation Impact.” In addition to the original hardcover and e-book version, there is now an audiobook (which led to the pleasant surprise that many of our colleagues ...

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