List of Tables

2.1Geometrical properties of a subspace
2.2Pascal’s triangle of the number of basis k-blades in n-dimensional space
2.3Notational conventions for blades and multivectors for Part I of this book
2.4C++ Operator bindings
5.1The order of the arguments for a meet may affect the sign of the result
7.1Reflection of an oriented subspace X in a subspace A
8.1Directional differentiation and vector derivatives
8.2Elementary results of multivector differentiation
10.1The point group 2H4
11.1The geometric algebra of the homogeneous model of 3-D Euclidean space
11.2The number of blades representing subspaces and directions
11.3Nonzero blades in the homogeneous model of Euclidean geometry
11.4Specialized multivector types in the h3ga

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