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Geopolitics and Expertise: Knowledge and Authority in European Diplomacy

Book Description

Geopolitics and Expertise is an in-depth exploration of how expert knowledge is created and exercised in the external relations machinery of the European Union.

  • Provides a rare, full-length work on transnational diplomatic practice

  • Based on a rigorous and empirical study, involving over 100 interviews with policy professionals over seven years

  • Focuses on the qualitative and contextual, rather than the quantitative and uniform

  • Moves beyond traditional political science to blend human geography, international relations, anthropology, and sociology

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Series page
    3. Title page
    4. Copyright page
    5. Series Editors’ Preface
    6. Acknowledgements
    7. Introduction: The Crown Jewel
      1. “Evaporative things”
      2. Contexts and Conversations
      3. The Political, the Geographical, and the Social: A Roadmap of the Argument
      4. Notes
    8. Chapter One : The Dead Relative: Bounding Europe in Europe
      1. Geopolitics by Nobody
      2. Carving Places out of Space
      3. Embodied Europes
      4. Notes
    9. Chapter Two : Knowledge and Policy in Transnational Fields
      1. Placing Diplomatic Knowledge
      2. Policy Fields
      3. “The work of reciprocal elucidation”
      4. Notes
    10. Chapter Three : Brussels and Theatre: Bureaucracy and Place
      1. Planet Brussels
      2. Those Who Hold the Pen: EU Professionals
      3. The Political and the Technical – and the Social
      4. Notes
    11. Chapter Four : Transnational Diplomats: Representing Europe in EU 27
      1. European External Action Service
      2. Curved Mirrors: Negotiating the National
      3. The Group for Which There is no Term: The New Member States
      4. Notes
    12. Chapter Five : Powers of Conceptualization and Contextualization
      1. A New Object of Knowledge
      2. Fields of Expertise in the European Quarter
      3. “Most people just want to do what they are told”
      4. Notes
    13. Chapter Six : Feel for the Game: Symbolic Capital in the European Quarter
      1. Symbolic Capital
      2. “We are dealing with elites”
      3. “In the third degree of depth”
      4. “An urbane, subtle approach”
      5. Shifts and Spirals
      6. Notes
    14. Chapter Seven : Political Geographies of Expertise
      1. Knowledge From and On the East
      2. Finding a Market
      3. “Things are evolving”
      4. Managing Difference
      5. Notes
    15. Conclusion Circles of Knowledge
      1. Spaces and Agents of Bureaucratic Knowledge
      2. Less is More
      3. Notes
    16. References
    17. Index