Chapter 13

Geothermal Power Plants of New Zealand


November 15, 1958, marked the first time a power plant–produced electricity commercially from a liquid-dominated geothermal resource. On that day, the first of 13 units at Wairakei on the North Island began to feed 6.5 MW of power into the New Zealand grid. From then until 1963, a dozen more units joined the plant making the total installed capacity 192.6 MW.


Capital cost; generation history; geology; history; Kawerau; Nga Awa Purua; Ngatamariki; Ohaaki; outlook; Poihipi Road; Rotokawa; Te Mihi; thermal efficiency; utilization efficiency; Wairakei; Wairakei binary

We should not expect ever to utilize in practice all the motive power of combustibles. The attempts made to attain this ...

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