milestones for, 641t
temperature profiles in, 642f
Landslides, 674–676
Larderello, Tuscany, Italy
case study, 321
direct-intake, condensing units, 336–337
direct-intake, exhausting to atmosphere units, 335–336
early plants, 329–334
environmental impact mitigation, 340, 341–342
geology, 324–328
history of development, 322–324
indirect cycle, 195
major dry-steam fields, 170
modern era plants, 335–337
power plants, 328–339
recent plants designs, 337–339
reservoir characteristics, 324–328
Larderello–Travale–Radicondoli–Lago geothermal area geology, 324–325
Las Pailas plant, Costa Rica, 446–447, 447f, 448f, 448t
piping layout, 108–109, 110f
Lava lakes, 16
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory impulse total-flow turbine, 259f
Laws for environmental aspects, ...

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