Thank you to Robin de Jongh at Manning for suggesting I write a book and to my editor Helen Stergius for her patience, advice, and support throughout the writing process. Thanks also to all of the people who reviewed the book and provided excellent feedback to make it better, including Philip Arny, Dr. Markus Beckmann, Rocio Chongtay, Sonya Corcoran, Philip Cusack, Alvin Raj, Conor Redmond, Ivan Rubelj, Craig Sharkie, and Giselle Stidston; in particular, thanks to Ozren Harlovic, Chuck Henderson, Al Sherer, Brian Hanafee, and Romin Irani for their attention to detail, honest reactions, and constructive suggestions.

I’d also like to thank Remy Sharp, the creator of JS Bin, for responding to my questions and requests quickly ...

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