List of Tables

Chapter 1. Programming, JavaScript, and JS Bin

Table 1.1. Game elements and JavaScript in part 1 of The Crypt

Chapter 2. Variables: storing data in your program

Table 2.1. Possible player properties

Chapter 4. Functions: code on demand

Table 4.1. Steps used to define and call a function

Chapter 5. Arguments: passing data to functions

Table 5.1. Steps used to define and call a function, passing it data

Chapter 8. Arrays: putting data into lists

Table 8.1. Array methods

Chapter 10. Bracket notation: flexible property names

Table 10.1. Situations in which certain keys do and don’t work

Chapter 11. Scope: hiding information

Table 11.1. Problems and solutions for the counter app

Chapter 12. Conditions: choosing code ...

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