If you do set a “goal” please do it the right way.

How To Select, Set, and Achieve Your Goal(s)

  1. Identify it – Write it down clearly.
  2. Date it – Put a date (and time limit) to start it and finish it.
  3. List the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve it.
  4. List the groups and people to contact who will work with you and help you achieve it.
  5. What are the skills and knowledge you need to have to achieve your goal?
  6. Make (and write down) an action plan.
  7. List the benefits of achievement. What’s in it for me after I achieve this goal? What’s my incentive? What’s the outcome?

It’s up to you…

Symbol of check mark Ask yourself – Why do I want this? Am I willing to work hard for it?

Symbol of check mark Make yourself – Select two big goals, and several smaller goals.

Symbol of check mark Visualize yourself – Write down your goals and post them where you can see them daily. Tell yourself daily that you are on the path to achievement and that it won’t be long now.

Symbol of check mark Hang yourself – If your goal is something you want or want to do (car, computer, vacation, thin person, new clothes) hang a picture of your goal in the bathroom, in your bedroom, or ...

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