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Get Your Business to Work!: 7 Steps to Earning More, Working Less and Living the Life You Want

Book Description

George Hedley, who turned $2,000 into a $50 million company in seven years, provides a perceptive new guide with a simple, real-world solution to running a business smoothly while allowing profits to flow in effortlessly. Get Your Business to Work! 7 Steps to Earning More, Working Less and Living the Life You Want uses tried-and-true methods to help fledgling business owners as well as seasoned ones who are just looking to increase capital and productivity. The book offers a step-by-step process to help small business owners get what they want: profits, wealth, and freedom. Hedley explains where owners go wrong at each stage while growing their companies and details steps in the book to show how to make the inner-workings of the business more predictable in order to eliminate micromanaging and allow for maximum profitability with minimum stress. Get Your Business to Work! identifies areas owners struggle in the most: • Trusting employees and forgoing micromanagement • Satisfying customers • Writing business plans and implementing systems • Marketing and sales • Pricing and achieving overhead and profit goals Most companies never get to the next level because the owner isn’t willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen. Through sound advice, as well as interactive exercises, Get Your Business to Work! encourages readers to work toward financial stability and independence by setting clear goals and following through.

Table of Contents

  1. Have You Ever Said to Yourself:
  2. How Did You Do?
  3. Praise
  4. Title Page
  5. Dedication
  6. step 1 - Build an “On-Purpose . . . On-Target” Business!
    1. So, Why Are You in Business?
    2. Wealth and Freedom
    3. The Entrepreneur’s Journey
    4. What Do Business Owners Really Want?
    5. Get a Plan—Get a Grip!
    6. The Entrepreneur’s Decision
    7. New Ways or No Way!
    8. Do You Own a Job Instead of a Business?
    9. When’s Your Wake-Up Call?
    10. Get in the Opportunity Business!
    11. Are You Stuck?
    12. Take the First Step Toward Building Your PERFECT Business
    13. What’s Keeping Your Company from Being the Perfect Business for You?
    14. The Downward Spiral
    15. Better Is Better
    16. Step by Step
    17. Build a Better Business
    18. What’s Your HUGE Business Vision?
    19. Put Your Dreams Into Action
    20. Put Your Plan Into Action!
    21. Putting It All Together
    22. 7 Steps to Earning More, Working Less, and Living the Life You Want!
  7. step 2 - Build a Systemized and Organized Business!
    1. Successful Business Owners Live Their Priorities
    2. Check Your Priority Scale
    3. What Are Your Priorities This Week?
    4. Why Is It So Difficult to Get to Your Priorities?
    5. Get Fed or Starve
    6. The Top Two Business Priorities
    7. Hire Pros to Grow
    8. Put Your Priorities to Work
    9. Replace Yourself with Systems
    10. Keep Systems Simple!
    11. Perfect Systems Produce Perfect Results
    12. Which System Should You Install First?
    13. Create a DO Manual
    14. Seven Steps to Creating Written Systems
  8. step 3 - Build Financial, Pricing, and Profit Systems!
    1. Does Penny Pinching Matter?
    2. Know Your Numbers!
    3. Basic Financial Terms
    4. Aim at Fixed Targets!
    5. How Did You Do?
    6. Are You Addicted to Volume?
    7. The Key to Being Profit-Driven
    8. Always Make a Profit!
    9. Run Your Business Like a Business
    10. Start Setting Financial Goals
    11. Know Your Fixed Costs
    12. A Manufacturing Company Example
    13. A Service Business Example
    14. Markup vs. Gross Profit
    15. Set Annual Markup, Volume, and Sales Goals
    16. Fortune or Fame?
    17. Nine Numbers You Need to Know
    18. Now What?
    19. Hire a Financial Pro Now!
    20. Install Financial Systems Now!
    21. It’s Hard to Go Broke with Good Financial Systems!
    22. Let Go, But Keep Financial Control
    23. Seven Financial Controls That Work!
    24. Get Rich or Die Trying!
    25. Who Is Your Spending Consultant?
    26. Build Accurate Pricing and Cost Estimating Systems
    27. I Want Accuracy!
    28. Is Your Bid a Mystery?
    29. Want to Make Lots of Money?
  9. step 4 - Build Operational Systems!
    1. Is your company operating at full capacity, but missing a few parts and held ...
    2. No problems?!?
    3. What Are Proactive Operational Systems?
    4. Good People or Good Systems?
    5. Be Proactive to Make More Profit!
    6. Systems You Must Do—Or Die!
    7. Must Do Operational Systems
    8. Install Training Systems That Work
    9. Is Your Company Getting Rusty?
    10. Should You Invest in Training?
    11. Are You Keeping Up with Your Competition?
    12. Are You Too Busy to Train?
    13. No Training Is Draining!
    14. The 2 Percent Investment
    15. Bosses, Step Back!
    16. Work Together to Learn Together!
  10. step 5 - Build Customer, Marketing, and Sales Systems!
    1. What’s Your Customer, Marketing, and Sales System?
    2. Do You Have a “Loyal Customer” Strategy?
    3. What Do You Do to Market or Sell?
    4. Let Customers Know You Have What They Want
    5. Give Customers What They Want!
    6. Show Customers You Care!
    7. Create a Customer-Focused Motto
    8. Become the Recognized Expert
    9. You’re in the People Business!
    10. No Trust = No Sales!
    11. Three Steps to Create Trusted Customer Relationships
    12. The More Time Spent Together, the Deeper the Relationship
    13. Create a Customer Contact Tracking Chart
    14. Any Marketing Is Better Than No Marketing!
    15. Marketing Tactics, Tools, and Tips
    16. Minimum Money = Maximum Return!
    17. Musts to Make More Money
    18. Is Your Customer #1?
    19. Marketing and Sales Musts
    20. My Written Marketing and Sales Plan
    21. Now Go Make It Happen!
  11. step 6 - Build People and Leadership Systems!
    1. Leaders Lead!
    2. Are People Your Top Priority?
    3. What Do People Want?
    4. Hire Slow and Fire Fast
    5. What Do You Do to Attract Great Employees?
    6. Motivate People to Perform
    7. Are YOU Your People Problem?
    8. Do Your People Want to Follow You?
    9. Motivators That Persuade People to Perform
    10. Train to Retain
    11. Chasing Wheelbarrows?
    12. Let Go to Grow!
    13. Five Steps to Make People Accountable and Responsible
    14. What Are Your HUGE Priorities?
    15. The Buck Stops Here!
    16. Leaders Are Focused
    17. What’s Your Vision?
    18. What’s Your Target?
    19. Put People on Your Priority List
    20. Leaders Make Customers a Priority
    21. No Revenue = No Business = No Profit
    22. Get in the Innovation Business
  12. step 7 - Build Equity and Wealth Systems!
    1. Are you becoming a poor or rich business owner?
    2. Are You Creating Wealth?
    3. What Business Are You Really In?
    4. Are You a Top 5 Percent or Bottom 95 Percent Business Owner?
    5. Get into the Opportunity Business!
    6. Build a Wealth-Building Machine!
    7. Get Started Building Wealth for Yourself
    8. Seek Value-Added Property
    9. Joint Venture with Customers and Vendors
    10. Invest in Real Estate to Build Your “REAL” Estate!
    11. Start Small, But Start!
    12. Cash Is King!
    13. Value-Added Real Estate Budget
    14. Share the Wealth
    15. A Good Deal
    16. Find a Lending Lender
    17. Get in the Game!
  13. Bonus Step: Now Enjoy the Benefits!
  14. About the Author
  15. Copyright Page