Chapter 14

Preparing to Nail Your Interview

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing what employers are looking for during the interview process

arrow Preparing to answer likely questions and impress the interviewers

arrow Developing and selling your professional image to your future employer

Job interviews combine the fear of public speaking, test-taking with an audience, and being judged by others — all while feeling as if the outcome will determine your career success or failure. To say that an interview can be stressful is an understatement! Many educated, well-qualified candidates come apart during the interview process, and many others feel a great deal of stress even if they perform well.

remember.eps Although every interview is at least a little stressful, the key is to maintain perspective — no interview will make or break your entire future. Preparing can reduce your stress and improve the results you see.

In this chapter, I examine the purpose of the job interview and what employers are trying to get out of it. I fill you in on the types of interviews and how to prepare for them. More important, I explain what ...

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