Chapter 14

Networking for Opportunities

In This Chapter

arrow Using real-world networking

arrow Networking online

arrow Creating a stellar resume

arrow Using LinkedIn

So you’re ready to look for work. You’ve determined that coding would be a good fit for you (Part I), found different ways you can learn to code (Part III), and created a portfolio site (Chapter 13). How do you proceed?

The natural temptation for a web developer is to use an online job site to look for something suitable. However, as I explain in this chapter, online job sites are useful but perhaps the least effective way to get a job. To put it briefly, you’re better off when people are contacting you (such as executive recruiters); when people know you (such as former colleagues and others in your network); or when you simply get a promotion or internal transfer.

In this chapter, I explain all these ways of getting a job, with tips and tricks for maximizing your chances.

Networking in the Real World

One effective way to network in the real world is simply to do a good job in your current role. Get things done on time; show respect to ...

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