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Getting a Networking Job For Dummies

Book Description

Everything you need to start your career in computer networking

Looking to land that computer networking position? Look no further! Getting a Networking Job For Dummies offers all the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to stand out from the crowd, get your foot in the door, and secure a job in this fast-growing sector. In no time, you'll get a handle on networking roles, necessary education, training, and certifications, ways to brand yourself for your dream career, and so much more.

These days, computer networking can be a complicated industry, and knowing what you need to do to make yourself an attractive candidate for a coveted networking position can make all the difference. Luckily, Getting a Networking Job For Dummies arms you with everything you need to be one step ahead of the game. Humorous, practical, and packed with authoritative information, this down-to-earth guide is your go-to handbook for scoring that sought-after computer networking position!

  • Find the right organization for you

  • Write a winning resume that gets attention

  • Answer difficult interview questions with confidence

  • Identify required certifications to get the job you want

  • If you're a prospective computer networking employee looking to present yourself as a strong, competitive candidate in the computer networking market, this hands-on guide sets you up for success.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Beyond the Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
    7. Part I: So You Want to Be a Networking Professional
      1. Chapter 1: Working with Networks
        1. Why Are Networks Important?
        2. Skills and Activities in Networking Jobs
        3. Working with People
        4. How Networking Fits in a High-Tech Career Path
        5. The Future Is Bright for Networking Jobs
      2. Chapter 2: Understanding Networking Roles
        1. Reviewing First Principles
        2. Performing Essential Tasks in Networking
        3. Navigating Networking Job Titles
        4. Getting Networking Experience Where You Are Now
      3. Chapter 3: Knowing Your Networking
        1. Appreciating First Principles
        2. Reviewing the OSI Model
        3. Exalting TCP/IP
        4. Staying Local with LANs
        5. Going Out with WANs
        6. Accessing Wireless WANs
      4. Chapter 4: Networking Concepts and Trends
        1. Access Control
        2. Telecommunications and Network Security
        3. Cryptography
        4. Computing Architecture and Design
        5. IT Operations
        6. Physical and Environmental Security
        7. Regulations, Investigations, and Compliance
        8. Factoring Nontechnical IT Issues
    8. Part II: Having the Right Stuff
      1. Chapter 5: Getting the Necessary Education and Training
        1. Off-the-Record Training
        2. Learning through Higher Education
        3. Pursuing a Nontraditional Education
        4. Maintaining Your Networking Knowledge
      2. Chapter 6: Becoming Certifiable
        1. Planning for a Certification
        2. Deciding Which Certifications Are Right for You
        3. Choosing a Vendor-Specific Networking Certification
        4. Winning with a Third-Party Networking Certification
        5. Earning a Vendor-Neutral Security Certification
        6. Earning Other Relevant Certifications
      3. Chapter 7: Making Your Own Way
        1. Informal Education in Networking
        2. Setting Up Your Own Lab
        3. Volunteering
        4. Working on the Side
        5. On-the-Job Training
    9. Part III: Finding a Job with the Right Organization
      1. Chapter 8: Working for a Networking Solutions Provider
        1. Working in Sales as a Pre-Sales Engineer
        2. Rolling Up Your Sleeves as an Implementation Engineer
        3. Helping Customers in Technical Support
        4. Watching the Fort for a Managed Service Provider
      2. Chapter 9: Working as an In-House Networking Professional
        1. Living Your Destiny
        2. Working in the Private Sector
        3. One Size Doesn't Fit All: Small and Large Businesses
        4. Chaos versus Calm: Growth, Mergers, and Acquisitions
        5. Working in Global Enterprises
        6. Working for a Nonprofit Organization
      3. Chapter 10: Serving in the Public Sector or Academia
        1. Working for a Federal, State, or Local Agency
        2. Working for a Military or Defense Contractor
        3. Going Back to School
      4. Chapter 11: Living on the Edge with a Startup
        1. Doing More With Less
        2. Building Virtual Infrastructure in the Cloud
        3. Experiencing the Razor-Sharp Edge
        4. Finding Startup Jobs
        5. Is A Startup Right For You?
      5. Chapter 12: Life as a Consultant
        1. Is Consulting Right for You?
        2. Working for a Consulting Firm
        3. Going It Alone as an Independent Consultant
        4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Consulting
    10. Part IV: Getting Hired
      1. Chapter 13: Branding Yourself for Your Dream Career
        1. Meeting People
        2. Business Networking with LinkedIn
        3. Networking through Facebook
        4. Tweeting with Twitter
        5. Starting a Blog
        6. Writing Articles and E-Books
        7. Segregating Your Personal and Professional Lives
        8. Working with Recruiters
      2. Chapter 14: Creating a Winning Resume
        1. The Basics of a Great Resume
        2. Formatting Your Resume
        3. Tailoring Your Resume
        4. Types of Resumes
        5. What Not to Put in Your Resume
        6. Examples of Winning Resumes
      3. Chapter 15: Getting Attention with Your Cover Letter
        1. Cover Letter Scenarios
        2. Essential Elements of the Cover Letter
      4. Chapter 16: Bringing Your Resume to Life: The Interview
        1. Knowing Why Interviews Are Important
        2. Preparing for the Interview
        3. Types of Interviews and Tips for Each
        4. Your Turn to Ask Questions
        5. Focusing on the Goal
        6. Writing a Thank-You Letter
      5. Chapter 17: Becoming a Star Employee
        1. Onboarding and Orientation
        2. Moving Forward after the Honeymoon
    11. Part V: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 18: Ten Great Answers for Your Interviewer
        1. Preparing for the Unprepared
        2. Whacking Softball Question Number 2
        3. Responding to the Tried-and-True Standard
        4. Outlining Soft Skills
        5. Explaining Your Motivation
        6. Determining Whether You Are Trouble
        7. Predicting Your Future
        8. Not Looking like a Job Jumper
        9. Describing Team Leadership Skills
        10. Defusing the Financial Land Mine
      2. Chapter 19: Ten Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer
        1. How Has Your Department Contributed to the Success of the Company?
        2. What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges Your Department Is Facing?
        3. How Would You Describe the Company's Culture?
        4. What Do You Like About Working Here?
        5. Can You Describe How We Would Be Working Together?
        6. What Is the Makeup of the Team or Organization?
        7. What Are the Key Traits of Your Most Successful Employees?
        8. How Would You Define Success During the First 90 Days?
        9. Do You Have Any Concerns About Me That I Can Address Now?
        10. What Is Your Next Step in the Selection Process?
      3. Chapter 20: Ten Alternatives to a Regular Job
        1. Homing In on Your Home
        2. Becoming a Good Neighbor
        3. Consulting in Your Community
        4. Engaging in Politics
        5. Closing the Digital Divide
        6. Bartering Your Services
        7. Inspiring Others
        8. Enabling Users Groups
        9. Contributing to Open Source
        10. Mentoring Up-and-Coming Networkers
      4. Chapter 21: Ten Networking Books for Your Professional Library
        1. Knowing Your Way around a PC
        2. Building Your Network
        3. Visualizing the TCP/IP Protocol
        4. Getting Serious with Cisco Routing
        5. Remembering Juniper Networks
        6. Opening Up to Linux
        7. Closing Up Network Access with Security
        8. Beating a Dead Horse
        9. Going Mobile
        10. Floating in the Cloud
    12. Glossary
    13. Index
    14. About the Authors
    15. Dedications
    16. Authors' Acknowledgments