The information security (InfoSec) profession got its start decades ago, but it consisted of few people, mostly in military and other secret organizations. With the appearance of the Internet in the 1990s, organizations started to put information online, and the InfoSec profession became a little more popular. Fast-forward to the mid 2010s, with its big security breaches as well as new laws and regulations, and information security is one of the hottest professions around the world.

About This Book

There are more than enough books on information security, but far too few professionals to do the work. Until now, there was no clear guide to getting into the profession. Delivered in the same rich tradition of the Dummies series, Getting an Information Security Job For Dummies is that clear guide on planning your entry in information security, no matter where you are in your career today:

  • If you're a student or recent graduate, you'll get real-life information on what it’s like in the information security profession.
  • If you're an experienced IT professional, you'll understand how to make a lateral move into information security.
  • If you're already getting your start in information security, you can chart your career path and decide what kind of an organization you may want to work in.
  • If you're in the information security job market, you'll understand different types of information security jobs in different types of organizations.
  • If you need to hire an information security ...

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