Chapter 13

Post-Interview Etiquette

In This Chapter

  • Discovering the ins and outs of the post-interview period
  • Gaining powerful insight into managing the emotions of recruiters, head hunters, and placement agents
  • Getting the edge on your competition through powerful thank you notes and careful gifting

In this chapter, I reveal the secrets of how to really deal with the post-interview period. There are things you can and cannot do, and I help you understand why something you may think sounds reasonable just might be a huge mistake.

Managing HR Departments

Human Resources, or HR, departments are organizations within or contracted by companies that manage the people who make up those companies. HR doesn't manage projects or define product specifications. HR manages employees — hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, and whatnot. HR departments may handle people, but they are also made up of people, and these people know HR.

That's the thing, isn't it? They know HR, but HR departments are expected to hire for all manner of other departments, which introduces an unfortunate irony. HR departments know HR, but they are often handling the position description composition, selection of candidates, interviewing, and, if the winds are favorable, the hiring of you.


That's not always the case, though. Many forward thinking companies use HR to handle the overall process, but use departmental managers ...

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