Getting Started with Acrobat Professional

Video Description

Join award-winning veteran trainer Geoff Blake as he walks you, step-by-step through Adobe Acrobat Professional. You’ll not only discover Acrobat’s many powerful features and tools, but you’ll learn exactly how to apply them to your own work right away. After a brief look at Acrobat’s navigation options, where you’ll learn how to move around using efficient, time-saving techniques, Geoff jumps straight into handling your PDF documents. You’ll see how to handle pages, replace content, break documents apart, and much more. Then, it’s on to Acrobat’s powerful bookmark feature. Here, you’ll discover how to make your PDFs much more user-friendly and easy to use for your viewers. Finally, you’ll find out about some additional advanced methods to take Acrobat even further, including creating PDFs and combining multiple files together. It’s all in Getting Started with Acrobat Professional, where you’ll learn at your own pace and discover how to get the most out of Acrobat!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome To Acrobat Quick Start 00:01:12
    2. Understanding the Role of PDFs 00:04:19
    3. Free Adobe Reader vs. Full Acrobat Pro 00:04:54
    4. Three PDF Myths 00:04:46
  2. Chapter 1: Getting Comfortable Inside Acrobat
    1. Getting Started in Acrobat 00:04:22
    2. A Tour of the Interface 00:03:45
    3. Exploring the Tools Pane 00:04:46
    4. A Look At Acrobat's Navigation Panels 00:05:50
    5. Using Acrobat's Reading Mode 00:03:35
  3. Chapter 2: Navigating within PDF Files
    1. Adjusting The Magnification 00:05:12
    2. Navigating Within PDFs 00:04:20
    3. Using Previous and Next View 00:02:45
    4. Navigating with the Pages Pane 00:03:15
    5. Understanding Page Display 00:04:35
    6. Splitting the View 00:03:08
    7. Viewing Document Properties 00:02:54
  4. Chapter 3: Moving Extracting And Deleting Pages
    1. Inserting Pages Into PDFs 00:04:19
    2. Deleting Pages 00:03:08
    3. Reordering Document Pages 00:02:47
    4. Undoing And Reverting to Saved Versions 00:02:34
    5. Rotating the View and Rotating Pages 00:05:14
    6. Replacing Pages 00:04:38
    7. Extracting Pages from Documents 00:03:33
    8. Using the Split Document Command 00:04:50
  5. Chapter 4: Building Navigational Bookmarks
    1. How Bookmarks Work Inside Acrobat 00:03:40
    2. Creating Navigational Bookmarks 00:06:52
    3. Additional Bookmark Options 00:02:20
    4. Adjusting a Bookmarks Destination 00:03:24
    5. Sorting And Creating Nested Bookmarks 00:05:14
    6. Automatically Opening the Bookmarks 00:05:49
  6. Chapter 5: Advanced Acrobat Options
    1. Creating PDFs With Acrobat 00:05:05
    2. Saving Files As PDFs 00:03:49
    3. Combine Files Into A Single PDF 00:02:57
    4. Acrobat Print Options 00:02:40
  7. Chapter 6: Wrapping Up
    1. Where to Go From Here 00:03:14

Product Information

  • Title: Getting Started with Acrobat Professional
  • Author(s): Geoff Blake
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Publisher(s): Ten Ton Books
  • ISBN: 00022GSWAP