About the Authors

Brian McClain is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for the Technical Marketing team at Pivotal. Brian has always had a passion for learning new technology and sharing lessons picked up along the way, and comes from a mixed professional background including finance, technology, and entertainment. At Pivotal, he gets to do what he enjoys most: building demos and writing about technology, built both inside and outside of Pivotal. You can find him on Twitter at @BrianMMcClain for a mix of tech discussion and bad jokes.

Bryan Friedman is a Product Marketing Director on the Technical Marketing team at Pivotal. After more than ten years working in a many different information technology capacities, he crossed over into the cloud product space with the desire to help others improve their IT organizations and deliver real value to their business. With a background in computer science and a powerful sense of curiosity, he feels lucky to be working at Pivotal in a role where he’s able to combine these passions to write about and work with new technologies. Find Bryan on Twitter at @bryanfriedman.

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