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Getting Started with Magento

Video Description

Learn how to use the world's #1 eCommerce platform and set up your own online store

About This Video

  • Learn the ins and outs of an eCommerce platform that over 150,000 individual businesses have chosen to use

  • Learn how to create products and design product types

  • Navigate, administer, organize, and customize your store and products into navigable categories with ease

  • In Detail

    Magento is an open source eCommerce web application trusted by the world's leading brands and adopted by approximately 150,000 online retailers. It is popular the world over, and adopted by retailers ranging from smaller eCommerce websites to large multinational businesses.

    This video will guide you through the daunting world of setting up, customizing, and running your own online store with the world's #1 eCommerce platform. It covers everything from installation to configuration, customization and managing every aspect of your store's frontend and the customer's experience.

    Beginning with the very basics of installation, we'll cover everything you'll need to get your web store up and running. Getting Started with Magento will cover everything you need to know; from populating your store with products to creating custom product types, and the addition of simple or complex product types. You'll also learn how to configure your store to accept payment, process taxes, and handle shipping. In addition to managing your products, this course will also show you how to modify and add pages, and change their layout and theme.

    Once you've completed this course, your web store will be fully functional and ready for business online.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Installation and Setup
      1. Series Overview 00:03:19
      2. Creating the Database & Installing the Sample Data 00:03:12
      3. Setting File Permissions 00:03:01
      4. Installing Magento 00:04:23
      5. Post-Installation Configuration 00:06:25
    2. Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Store
      1. Admin Panel Introduction 00:01:42
      2. Overview of Dashboard, Sales, and Customers 00:07:36
      3. Overview of Promotions, Newsletter, CMS, and System 00:08:27
      4. Configuration Menu 00:10:29
      5. Creating Users and Roles 00:03:11
      6. Changing Your Theme 00:02:39
    3. Chapter 3: Attributes and Categories
      1. Creating Categories 00:02:51
      2. Modifying Categories and the Category Tree 00:06:07
      3. Introduction to Attributes and Attribute Sets 00:03:49
      4. Creating an Attribute 00:05:21
      5. Creating Attribute Sets 00:03:25
    4. Chapter 4: Creating Products
      1. How to Create a Simple Product 00:10:06
      2. Custom Product Options 00:05:53
      3. Creating a Configurable Product 00:07:22
      4. Grouped Product 00:03:25
      5. Virtual Products 00:03:23
      6. Bundle Products 00:05:22
      7. Downloadable Products 00:05:18
      8. Troubleshooting 00:02:42
    5. Chapter 5: Customizing Your Store
      1. Adding CMS Pages 00:05:06
      2. Creating Static Blocks 00:04:36
      3. Using Widgets 00:05:13
      4. Adding Polls 00:02:59
      5. Changing Page Layouts 00:01:57
      6. Modifying Store e-mails 00:03:34
    6. Chapter 6: Shipping, Tax, and Accepting Payment
      1. Setting Up Tax 00:04:31
      2. Shipping Methods Overview 00:04:03
      3. Table Rate Shipping 00:04:23
      4. UPS Shipping 00:03:26
      5. USPS 00:01:55
      6. Introduction to Payment Methods 00:02:39
      7. Setting Up PayPal Express 00:04:14
    7. Chapter 7: The Order Process
      1. Placing an Order 00:03:22
      2. When an Order Has Been Placed 00:01:58
      3. Managing Orders in the Backend 00:03:37
      4. Modifying an Order 00:03:09
      5. Creating an Invoice 00:02:51
      6. Shipping an Order/Completing the Process 00:03:39
    8. Chapter 8: Managing Your Store
      1. Managing Customers and Customer Lists 00:04:55
      2. Managing Search 00:07:18
      3. Managing Ratings 00:02:23
      4. Managing Reviews 00:03:17
      5. Managing Tags 00:04:41