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Getting Started with System Center 2016 Operations Manager

Video Description

A comprehensive tutorial that gets you well versed with infrastructure monitoring leveraging SCOM 2016

About This Video

  • Manage System Center Operation Manager (SCOM ) 2016 by learning about configuration, deployment, monitoring, and operations

  • Perform different methods of Agent deployment with System Center 2016 Operations Manager

  • Deploy Management Packs and configure Management Packs Templates

  • In Detail

    SCOM is a vital component of System Center 2016 that allows system and application administrators to manage services, operations, devices, and applications through a single management console.

    This course will provide you with a comprehensive coverage of SCOM 2016 and will enlighten you on the core fundamentals that will help you leverage your IT assets in order to derive high benefits. We will start with an overview of SCOM, how it can enhance your organization’s performance, and how Operations Manager can be used to monitor your entire environment.

    Next we will demonstrate the configuration and deployment aspect of SCOM and its various services based on your business requirements. We then focus on explaining the core concepts of SCOM such as Management Servers and Packs, Services, and Agents along with teaching you the latest features of SCOM 2016. By the end of the course, you will be able to monitor your applications and infrastructure, thereby reducing the time needed to resolve problems.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Installing Operations Manager 2016
      1. Planning and Designing Your Environment 00:07:55
      2. Operations Manager Components 00:06:07
      3. System Center Operations Manager 2016 Hardware and Software Prerequisites 00:09:04
      4. Installing the Management Group 00:14:53
      5. Additional Management Server Installation 00:07:21
      6. Reporting 00:07:32
    2. Chapter 2 : Configuring Management Group Settings
      1. Configuring Management Group Global Settings 00:28:29
      2. Individual Server Options 00:16:45
    3. Chapter 3 : Installing and Configuring the Operations Manager Agent
      1. Installing the Operations Manager Agent 00:15:35
      2. Configuring Individual Settings 00:14:53
      3. Deploying Agents to Other Clients 00:13:29
      4. Discovering Network Devices 00:15:30
    4. Chapter 4 : Exploring Monitoring Management Packs
      1. Understanding Management Packs 00:11:15
      2. Exploring Management Packs Components 00:10:36
    5. Chapter 5 : Implementing Management Packs
      1. Importing Management Packs 00:17:03
      2. Tuning Management Packs 00:16:44
    6. Chapter 6 : Management Pack Templates
      1. Application Performance Monitoring Overview 00:08:48
      2. End-to-End Service Monitoring 00:09:05
      3. Creating a Distributed Application 00:12:43
      4. Management Pack Templates 00:08:04
    7. Chapter 7 : Working with Operations Manager Consoles
      1. Overview of the Different Consoles 00:08:34
      2. Operations Manager Console Overview 00:13:48
      3. Creating Notification Subscriptions 00:17:16
    8. Chapter 8 : Optimizing Your Environment
      1. Using Custom Utilities 00:11:04
      2. Working with Monitors 00:18:59
      3. Optimizing Rules 00:17:25
    9. Chapter 9 : Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery
      1. Operations Manager Components 00:09:02
      2. Common Backup and Restore Scenarios 00:07:33
      3. Backup and Restore Basics 00:08:55
    10. Chapter 10 : Integrating Operations Manager with Other System Center Products
      1. Service Manager Integrations 00:08:09
      2. Data Protection Manager Integration 00:06:44
      3. Orchestrator Integration 00:08:00