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Getting Started with Elastic Stack

Video Description

Analyze, build and visualize your data with ease using ElasticStack

About This Video

  • It provides a detailed insight on all offering provided by the Elastic stack.

  • Working demonstration of a data pipeline built with Elastic Stack.

  • Multiple practical examples demonstrating the capabilities of Elastic stack

  • Provides a detailed overview on how to perform log analysis using Elastic stack

  • In Detail

    Leverage the capabilities of the Elastic Stack to deliver a complete, end to end solution for distributed search, analytics, logging and visualization. The Elastic stack is a powerful combination of open source products enabling organizations for deep search, data analytics and data visualizations

    This course will introduce you to the Elastic stack, starting by showing you how to set up the stack by installing the components of the stack with some basic configuration. We’ll move on to building a basic data pipeline using the Elastic stack. Finally, by the end of the course you will be able to develop a data pipeline using the Elastic stack and have a solid understanding of the role of each component of the stack