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Getting Started with Protocols in Swift

Video Description

Effective, flexible and maintainable code using the power of Swift protocols

About This Video

  • Learn what protocols are and the advantages of using them

  • Learn about some of the great advanced features that protocols offer

  • Learn about generics in Swift, and how they can be used with protocols in order to write powerful and flexible generic code

  • In Detail

    Using right protocols can transform the way you write Swift code. Building on top of familiar object oriented principles, they enable you to define blueprints for common functionality that any class, structure, or enumeration can adopt.

    Protocols fix many of the most painful problems associated with OOP. This course introduces protocols and explains how to use them. With useful examples and practical, step-by-step instructions, you'll create protocols and use them in your code.

    By the end of the course you'll be ready to use protocols in production to improve the effectiveness of your code.