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Getting Started with Azure Serverless Computing Using Node.js

Video Description

Explore the great and excellent solutions for processing data, integrating systems with Azure Serverless computing with Node.js

About This Video

  • Learn to deploy and manage cost-effective and highly available serverless applications using Azure Functions
  • Set up and get started with Azure Functions using Node.js and understand its runtime
  • Design patterns using serverless as primary technology for back-end

In Detail

With the rise of Cloud deployment, Microsoft provides a solution to easily run small pieces of code in the Cloud with Azure Functions. Azure Functions provides great solutions for processing data, integrating systems, and building simple APIs and most importantly, systems with performance as good as micro-services architecture.

The video starts with intermediate-level understanding of serverless computing along with use cases on the benefits and key features of Azure Functions. Then we delve into the core aspects of Azure Functions such as its offerings, the runtime, how to write Azure functions, and how to monitor and troubleshoot them.

Later, this tutorial provides practical recipes on how to access these functions(triggers). We provide hands-on steps and tutorials based on real-world serverless use cases to guide you through configuring and setting up your serverless codebase with ease.

Finally, we’ll teach you how to manage Azure functions and compliance to your serverless code. By the end of this video, you’ll have all the skills required to work with serverless using azure functions.