Animating the character for the game

Once we have applied these settings to the character, we will now use it for our scene.

  1. Drag-and-drop the prefab labeled zombie_hires by navigating to Assets | ZombieCharacterPack to the scene, change its position to (x=0, y =0, z=0), and add a collider to the character.
  2. Select: Component | Physics | Capsule Collider.
  3. Set the center position of this collider to (x=0, y=0.7, z=0), the radius to 0.5, the height to 2, and leave the other options as default, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
    Animating the character for the game
  4. Select: Assets | chapter5 | chapter5_pack; you will see that it includes several animations, including Zombie@idle, ...

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