Chapter 1

Understanding the Git in GitHub


Bullet Getting familiar with GitHub

Bullet Discovering Git

Bullet Signing up with

Bullet Exploring helpful resources

Whether you’re an experienced coder or a newbie starting out, learning how to work with others on code is critical to succeeding in the software industry. Millions of people around the world work together to build software, and GitHub is one of the largest tools to support a collaborative workflow. This chapter introduces you to the core tools you need to write code with other people.

Introducing GitHub

GitHub creates an environment that allows you to store your code on a remote server, gives you the ability to share your code with other people, and makes it easy for more than one person to add, modify, or delete code to the same file and project, while keeping one source of truth for that file (phew!). So what does that all actually mean? One of my favorite ways of explaining to folks who are new to the tool is to compare it to Google Docs — a place online where you can write code with other people and not have ...

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