Chapter 9

Exploring and Contributing to OSS


Bullet Exploring OSS projects on GitHub

Bullet Contributing to OSS

Bullet Contributing guidelines

For developers, GitHub is the greatest source of treasure ever created, if you know where to look. An open source repository exists for every possible need out there. This cornucopia of choice can be overwhelming at first.

Going beyond just making use of open source software (OSS), contributing to open source is a fantastic way to continue your development as a software developer. It gives you the opportunity to work with technologies that you may not otherwise work with in your day job. It connects you with a large community of developers working on a diverse array of challenges. Many of these developers are happy to share their knowledge with folks looking to learn something new.

In this chapter, we look at ways to explore the range of open source software GitHub has to offer. We not only look at ways of discovering repositories you may want to use in your own projects, but also provide tips for finding repositories you may want to contribute to.

Exploring GitHub

The Explore page on GitHub, located at, is a great ...

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