Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Improve Your Development Workflow


Bullet Discovering software tools that improve your development workflow

Bullet Finding out how StackOverflow helps get your questions answered

Bullet Realizing that some workflow improvements are techniques, not tools

Working on software is tedious at times. Writing code is laborious and requires a ton of steps and intense concentration. On top of that, a lot of tasks have to occur during the coding process, such as running tests, creating mock-ups, and tracking progress.

Any tools and techniques you can use to help streamline and improve your development workflow not only saves you time, but can improve the quality of your work. It’s always worth spending time periodically looking at ways to improve your development workflow. In this chapter, we cover ten ways you can improve your development workflow.

Drafting Pull Requests

Chapter 8 discusses creating pull requests when you’re ready to have code reviewed and merged into the main branch of a repository. But that’s not the only way to use pull requests. In fact, GitHub employees have long stated that creating a pull request is the beginning of a collaborative conversation. ...

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