GitOps and Kubernetes video edition

Video description

In Video Editions the narrator reads the book while the content, figures, code listings, diagrams, and text appear on the screen. Like an audiobook that you can also watch as a video.

A really great book for understanding and implementing GitOps!
Matthieu Evrin, AddÉnergie Technologies

GitOps and Kubernetes introduces a radical idea—managing your infrastructure with the same Git pull requests you use to manage your codebase. In this in-depth tutorial, you’ll learn to operate infrastructures based on powerful-but-complex technologies such as Kubernetes with the same Git version control tools most developers use daily. With these GitOps techniques and best practices, you’ll accelerate application development without compromising on security, easily roll back infrastructure changes, and seamlessly introduce new team members to your automation process.

about the technology

With GitOps you use the Git version control system to organize and manage your infrastructure just like any other codebase. It’s an excellent model for applications deployed as containers and pods on Kubernetes.

about the book

GitOps and Kubernetes teaches you how to use Git and the GitOps methodology to manage a Kubernetes cluster. The book interleaves theory with practice, presenting core Ops concepts alongside easy-to-implement techniques so you can put GitOps into action. Learn to develop pipelines that trace changes, roll back mistakes, and audit container deployment.

what's inside

  • Managing secrets the GitOps way
  • Controlling access with Git, Kubernetes, and Pipeline
  • Branching, namespaces, and configuration

about the audience

For developers and operations engineers familiar with continuous delivery, Git, and Kubernetes.

about the authors

Billy Yuen, Alexander Matyushentsev, Todd Ekenstam, and Jesse Suen are principal engineers at Intuit. They are widely recognized for their work in GitOps for Kubernetes.

Vital for understanding what GitOps is, and what tools will get you there.
JChris Viner, Forged Development

How to deliver operational excellence through industry-level practices.
Satej Sahu, Honeywell

This book takes two massively complex topics and breaks them down into understandable and approachable tools.
Samuel Brown, Expel


Table of contents

  1. Part 1. Background
  2. Chapter 1. Why GitOps?
  3. Chapter 1. DevOps
  4. Chapter 1. Developer benefits of GitOps
  5. Chapter 1. Operational benefits of GitOps
  6. Chapter 1. Auditability and compliance
  7. Chapter 2. Kubernetes and GitOps
  8. Chapter 2. Kubernetes architecture
  9. Chapter 2. Declarative vs. imperative object management
  10. Chapter 2. How declarative configuration works
  11. Chapter 2. Controller architecture
  12. Chapter 2. NGINX operator
  13. Chapter 2. Kubernetes + GitOps
  14. Chapter 2. Continuous integration pipeline
  15. Part 2. Patterns and processes
  16. Chapter 3. Environment management
  17. Chapter 3. Namespace management
  18. Chapter 3. Network isolation
  19. Chapter 3. Git strategies
  20. Chapter 3. Configuration management
  21. Chapter 3. Kustomize
  22. Chapter 4. Pipelines
  23. Chapter 4. Code coverage
  24. Chapter 4. GitOps continuous delivery
  25. Chapter 4. Driving promotions
  26. Chapter 4. Other pipelines
  27. Chapter 5. Deployment strategies
  28. Chapter 5. How Deployment works with ReplicaSets
  29. Chapter 5. Blue-green
  30. Chapter 5. Canary
  31. Chapter 5. Progressive delivery
  32. Chapter 6. Access control and security
  33. Chapter 6. Git repository
  34. Chapter 6. Access limitations
  35. Chapter 6. Kubernetes RBAC
  36. Chapter 6. Image registry access
  37. Chapter 6. Patterns
  38. Chapter 7. Secrets
  39. Chapter 7. Secrets management strategies
  40. Chapter 7. Tooling
  41. Chapter 7. Sealed Secrets
  42. Chapter 7. Kustomize Secret generator plugin
  43. Chapter 8. Observability
  44. Chapter 8. Tracing
  45. Chapter 8. Application health
  46. Chapter 8. GitOps observability
  47. Chapter 8. Configuration drift
  48. Part 3. Tools
  49. Chapter 9. Argo CD
  50. Chapter 9. Sync and health statuses
  51. Chapter 9. Deploy your first application
  52. Chapter 9. Deep dive into Argo CD features
  53. Chapter 9. Enterprise features
  54. Chapter 9. Declarative management
  55. Chapter 10. Jenkins X
  56. Chapter 10. Importing projects into Jenkins X
  57. Chapter 10. Note
  58. Chapter 11. Flux
  59. Chapter 11. Simple application deployment
  60. Chapter 11. Using Kustomize for manifest generation
  61. Appendix A. Setting up a test Kubernetes cluster

Product information

  • Title: GitOps and Kubernetes video edition
  • Author(s): Billy Yuen, Alexander Matyushentsev, Todd Ekenstam, Jesse Suen
  • Release date: February 2021
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: None