Chapter 17

Understanding Foreign Labor Laws and Requirements


check Adapting work schedules to meet foreign laws and restrictions

check Making adjustments for religion-based requirements

check Abiding by the rules regarding the employment and use of women and children

check Meeting mandatory compensation requirements

When you are hiring local nationals, third-country nationals, or expatriates, be sure to comply with all the host nation’s labor laws. It’s important to be fully aware of the labor laws, as they are sometimes difficult to interpret and are prone to frequent change. The best option is to retain a competent local legal firm with an expertise in labor laws. Don’t think you can avoid any of the labor laws. Your employees will most certainly know them as well as or better than you do.

In this chapter, we examine many of the labor laws that you may have to comply with. We discuss their impact on workforce scheduling, the need to accommodate restrictions, and how to determine the impact of the laws on your ability to successfully fulfill your logistics services support contract. We also ...

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