Global Megaprojects

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The definitive guide to international megaprojects from an undisputed authority in the field

In Global Megaprojects: Lessons, Case Studies, and Expert Advice on International Megaproject Management, distinguished international megaproject researcher and consultant Virginia A. Greiman delivers a comprehensive and incisive discussion of a key topic in global infrastructure development: the international megaproject. In the book, readers will find indispensable guidance and insights from experienced megaproject experts, as well as over 20 case studies highlighting practical solutions to common and pressing issues faced by project stakeholders around the world.

This book was written to demonstrate that megaprojects can and have accomplished major economic, social, and technical advancements thought impossible but achieved by successfully confronting the challenges of the time. This book offers solutions and prescriptions for megaproject participants to overcome the complex challenges presented by these projects. It incorporates the latest evidence-based theory and a wealth of practical experience and provides a truly international perspective, showcasing viewpoints from a diverse collection of regions, cultures, and industries.

Global Megaprojects also presents:

  • Thorough introductions to megaprojects and their lifecycles, including the megaproject ecosystem and the world’s emerging megaprojects
  • In-depth examinations of megaproject finance and economics, including innovation and value-driven program management
  • Extensive explorations of complex project leadership, including the characteristics of uncertainty, complex projects, and cross-cultural dynamics
  • Comprehensive discussions of megaproject implementation management, including global delivery methodologies and strategic objective alignment

Global Megaprojects: Lessons, Case Studies, and Expert Advice on International Megaproject Management will earn a place in the libraries of project managers, policymakers, academics, contractors, engineers, suppliers, investors, and sponsors of large international projects.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. List of Figures
  6. List of Tables
  7. List of Boxes
  8. Author’s Perspectives
    1. Reference
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Introduction to This Book
    1. Key Concepts and Objectives
    2. Pedagogy
    3. Book Structure
    4. Overview of Book Chapters
    5. References
  11. 1 Introduction to Global Megaprojects
    1. Introduction
    2. Globalization and Megaprojects
    3. Characterization of Global Megaprojects
    4. Megaprojects: The Global Timeline
    5. Prehistory
    6. The Middle Ages
    7. The Golden Age of Globalization (1870–1914)
    8. The Great Depression (1930–1940s)
    9. The Great Megaproject Era (1950–1970s)
    10. The Era of Great Tunnel, Energy, and Pipeline Projects: (1970s–2000)
    11. The Millennium Projects
    12. Summary
    13. References
  12. 2 Megaproject Finance
    1. Introduction: Financing the World’s Infrastructure
    2. Project Finance Definition and Characteristics
    3. Project Finance v. Corporate Finance
    4. Investment in the Developing Countries
    5. Infrastructure Financing in the United States
    6. Infrastructure Financing in the European Union
    7. Sources of Funding for Project Financing
    8. The Legal Framework: The Major Project Participants and Agreements
    9. Export Credit Agencies (ECAs)
    10. Multilateral Development Banks
    11. Public–Private Partnership Structures
    12. Evaluation Criteria for Project Finance
    13. Megaproject Evaluation: Beyond the Iron Triangle
    14. Looking Back and Looking Forward: Ex‐ante and Ex‐post Evaluations
    15. Evaluating Projects Through the Life Cycle
    16. Looking Back and Looking Forward and Qualitative Scoring
    17. Summary
    18. References
  13. 3 The Multilaterals and World Development
    1. Introduction
    2. Growing Demand for Global Infrastructure
    3. The Role of the Multilaterals in Development
    4. Mobilization of Capital
    5. The Changing Landscape of Development Banks
    6. International Development Case Studies
    7. A Collective Action Perspective on the Planning of Global Megaprojects
    8. The Social, Economic and Institutional Value of Megaprojects
    9. Frameworks for Sustainable Development
    10. Summary
    11. References
  14. 4 Leading Complex Global Projects
    1. Introduction
    2. Complexity in Relation to Uncertainty, Ambiguity, Conflict, and Risk
    3. Case Studies of Complex Projects
    4. Strategic Management of Complexity
    5. Summary
    6. References
  15. 5 Global Megaproject Governance
    1. Introduction to Global Governance of Megaprojects
    2. Developing a Megaproject Governance Framework
    3. Project Governance Between Developed and Developing Countries: Considerations for Improving Governance
    4. Case Studies in Governance: What Causes Governance Failure?
    5. Summary
    6. References
  16. 6 Integrated Project Organizations and Public Private Partnerships
    1. Introduction
    2. Part I: Project Organization Integration: A New Mindset for Systems Engineering and Program Management
    3. Part II: The Structure of Organizations as Systems of Systems
    4. Part III. Public–Private Partnerships: The Sharing of Risk and Opportunity
    5. Case Studies in Public–Private Partnership Development
    6. Emerging Trends and Social Considerations for PPP Development
    7. Summary
    8. References
  17. 7 Managing the Megaproject Implementation and Delivery
    1. Introduction
    2. Phase 1: Initiation of the Megaproject
    3. Phase 2: Global Project Delivery Methodologies and Procurement
    4. Phase 3: Implementation
    5. Phase 4: Project Controls
    6. Phase 5: Transitioning a Megaproject to Operations
    7. Lessons Learned on Cost and Schedule
    8. Summary
    9. References
  18. 8 Megaprojects and Mega Risk
    1. Introduction
    2. Emerging Risks on a Global Scale Impacting Megaprojects
    3. Defining Risk and Risk Management
    4. Structure of Megaproject Risks
    5. Resilience and Risk Management
    6. What Is Project Risk Intelligence?
    7. Developing a Risk Management Framework: A Shared Vision of Risk
    8. Global Risk Factors in International Projects
    9. Business Continuity Planning in the Management of Risks
    10. Root Cause Analysis
    11. Characterizing Risk
    12. Normalization of Deviance Related to Risk Discovery
    13. Catastrophic Loss Potential: Natural and Manmade Disasters
    14. Summary
    15. References
  19. 9 Megaprojects
    1. Introduction
    2. What Is Meant by Success? Successful Megaproject Failures
    3. Characteristics of Failed Projects
    4. Characteristics of the Most Successful Projects
    5. Summary
    6. References
  20. 10 Laws and Contracts in Global Megaprojects
    1. Introduction
    2. Planning for Procurement
    3. Concession Procurement
    4. Private Sector Procurement
    5. Megaproject Procurement Contracts in the United States
    6. Laws Governing International Megaproject Contracting
    7. Challenging Negotiations in Megaproject Contracts
    8. Collaborative Contracting
    9. Emerging Issues in Global Development Laws and Contracts
    10. Summary
    11. References
  21. 11 Megaproject Innovation and Resilience
    1. Introduction
    2. Where Does Innovation Come From?
    3. What Is an Innovation Megaproject?
    4. Megaproject Innovation Programs
    5. What Is an Innovation Strategy?
    6. Enablers and Challenges to Innovation
    7. Best Practices for Innovation
    8. Summary
    9. References
  22. 12 The Future of Global Megaprojects
    1. Introduction
    2. Blue Ocean Thinking
    3. Blue Economy Thinking
    4. Challenges of Future Megaprojects
    5. Meeting the Grand Challenges of the Twenty‐first Century
    6. Global Change and International Cooperation
    7. Global Megaprojects and the Leaders of Tomorrow
    8. Megaprojects and the Growth of the Digital Economy
    9. Megaproject Management: Looking Back to Move the Future Forward
    10. Leadership for Megaprojects in the Emergent Era
    11. A New Principle Based Approach to Project Management
    12. Megaprojects and System Perspectives
    13. Summary
    14. References
  23. Glossary
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. F
    7. G
    8. H
    9. I
    10. L
    11. M
    12. N
    13. O
    14. P
    15. Q
    16. R
    17. S
    18. T
    19. U
    20. V
    21. W
  24. Acronyms
  25. Index
  26. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Global Megaprojects
  • Author(s): Virginia A. Greiman
  • Release date: December 2022
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119875208