There are many people I must thank for encouraging me to write this book. To Kim, my lovely and caring wife, thank you for trying to be a good listener as I read my latest chapters to you in bed (very romantic). To my three kids, Roger, Carolyn, and Thomas, for giving me the fountain of youth by forcing me to keep working. To David Taggart, my friend and agent, who goaded me into seeking a book deal and then getting one for me faster than I could imagine. To Hal Bierman for teaching me finance even though I knew no accounting. To Bob Frank who inspired me to think that economics ideas could be made inspiring. To my contributors, Peter Freund (SynFunds), Steve Keating (PRT), and Scott Molnar (The Yale Model), thank you for your insights and help. And finally, to my “Boyo” Michael Walsh for constantly reminding me that we're “a long time dead.”

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