Pennuezhuthu: ‘Women's Writing’ and the Politics of Gender in Contemporary Kerala

G. Arunima

‘He never felt that one needed to listen to a wife as she was merely a tool for nurture and childbearing’ (Amma 1946, 21–42). K. Sarasvati Amma, one of Kerala's most trenchant writers wrote these words in her dystopic story, Veendum Jeevithathintte Mumbia (Facing Life Again), in 1946. She adopts a popular literary trope of love, separation and reconciliation and subverts it by exploring the darker side of human emotions. The story is spare, and more of a comment on human experience. Prabhakaran Nair returns home to find his elder brother on his deathbed. As his dying brother reveals his last will and testament to him, he realizes the frightening ...

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