Chapter 1

Gluten-Free from A to Z: The Basics of Being Gluten-Free

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a grip on gluten

arrow Discovering the advantages of a gluten-free lifestyle

arrow Making the most of meals

arrow Losing the gluten and loving the lifestyle

arrow Taking your gluten-free self out into the world without cheating

You may not be feeling it, but you’re lucky to be looking into the gluten-free lifestyle now, when you’re much less likely to receive a quizzical look when you ask questions about food. It wasn’t long ago that people hearing about gluten would ask whether you meant glucose and finding gluten-free products on typical grocery shelves was the stuff of science fiction.

These days, gluten-free-ness is one of the fastest-growing nutritional movements in the world — and for a lot of good reasons. People everywhere are feeling healthier, more energetic, and finding relief from a range of illnesses and discomforts, like celiac disease and even menopausal symptoms. This chapter gives you a basic rundown ...

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