Chapter 6

Loving the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

In This Chapter

arrow Setting yourself up for success when eating out

arrow Preparing for restaurant adventures

arrow Helping kids grow up gluten-free

arrow Dealing with denial, temptation, and other struggles

For some people, it isn’t the gluten-free diet itself that presents the biggest challenge — it’s getting out of the house. (Sure isn’t much of a lifestyle if it all happens within the same four walls, is it?) Even people who’ve been gluten-free for years sometimes feel uncomfortable about venturing away from home.

Yet getting out is important. Life in a bubble is for oxygen molecules, not humans. Does venturing outside require extra effort on your part? Sure. Might you receive a meal contaminated with gluten? Yep. Are you going to pay $20 for a meal that would have cost $6 to make at home? Darned straight. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

This chapter has answers for jumping out into the world without shirking your lifestyle. You come away from it equipped to handle the people and dietary concerns that enable you to eat in restaurants, and you find out about ...

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