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Gmail™ Tips, Tricks, and Tools: Streamline Your Inbox, Increase Your Email Productivity, and Save Hours a Week

Book Description

Supercharge Gmail to streamline your inbox, increase your email productivity, and save hours a week!

Managing daily email is a time-wasting distraction for many, but in today's connected world it's a business necessity. Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Tools shows you how to take control of your inbox with a simple, four-step process for resolving email overwhelm, designed specifically for Gmail users. This fully illustrated, easy-to-read guide first teaches you to become a Gmail power user and then introduces you to a variety of third-party tools that extend the power of Gmail even further.

After a quick refresher on Gmail basics, Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Tools shows you how to

--Master time-savings techniques for managing email and increasing email productivity

--Organize your Gmail inbox with stars, labels, and filters

--Activate Gmail Labs features, including canned responses, multiple inboxes, quick links, and smart labels

--Maximize the productivity potential of the Inbox by Gmail app with reminders, bundles, snoozing, pinning, and sweeping

--Extend the power of Gmail with third-party tools such as IFTTT and Zapier for email automation, Batched Inbox for batching email arrival, and FollowUpThen for powerful, customizable email reminders

--Discover Gmail browser extensions, such as Sidekick by HubSpot for scheduling and tracking messages, FullContact for analyzing your contacts, ActiveInbox for sophisticated task management, and Gmelius for boosting productivity and enhancing privacy

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. How This Book Is Organized
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
  12. 1. Increasing Your Email Productivity
    1. A Four-Step Process for Resolving Email Overwhelm
      1. Step 1: Identify Your Email Challenges
      2. Step 2: Analyze the Available Solutions
      3. Step 3: Perform a One-Time Inbox Cleanup
      4. Step 4: Implement and Fine-Tune Your New Email System
    2. Cleaning Up Your Inbox
      1. Three Steps to a Streamlined Inbox
      2. Reducing Social Media Email Notifications
    3. Processing Your Email
      1. Deciding How Often to Check Your Inbox
      2. Creating a System for Managing Your Email
    4. Managing Multiple Email Accounts
  13. 2. Gmail Basics
    1. Exploring Gmail
    2. Viewing Messages
    3. Replying to Messages
    4. Sending Messages
    5. Managing Messages
    6. Managing Contacts
  14. 3. Maximizing Gmail Efficiency
    1. Organizing Your Inbox with Stars
    2. Organizing Your Inbox with Labels
      1. Three-Step Labeling Process
      2. Creating a New Label
      3. Applying a Label
      4. Managing Labels
    3. Working with Filters
      1. Creating a Filter
      2. Managing Filters
    4. Delegating Email
      1. Setting Up Delegation
      2. Understanding Delegation Limitations
      3. Canceling Delegation Access
    5. Eliminating Gmail Timewasters
      1. Using Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
      2. Customizing Your Gmail Settings
      3. Searching in Gmail
      4. Creating Tasks from Gmail Messages
  15. 4. Using Gmail Labs Features
    1. Enabling a Gmail Labs Feature
    2. Disabling a Gmail Labs Feature
    3. Using Canned Responses
      1. Creating a Canned Response
      2. Composing a Message with a Canned Response
      3. Editing a Canned Response
    4. Using Multiple Inboxes
    5. Using Quick Links
    6. Exploring Other Gmail Labs Options
      1. Mark as Read Button
      2. Preview Pane
      3. Undo Send
  16. 5. Using Inbox by Gmail
    1. Getting Started with Inbox by Gmail
      1. Understanding How Inbox Differs from Gmail
      2. Viewing Your Inbox
      3. Using the Inbox Menu
    2. Working with Messages
      1. Opening Messages
      2. Managing Messages
      3. Pinning Messages
      4. Sweeping Messages
      5. Creating a Reminder
      6. Snoozing Messages and Reminders
      7. Sending a Message
    3. Working with Labels and Bundles
      1. Exploring Bundled Labels
      2. Exploring Unbundled Labels
      3. Managing Bundles
      4. Customizing Unbundled Labels
      5. Creating a New Label
  17. 6. Extending Gmail with Third-Party Tools
    1. Getting Started with Third-Party Tools
    2. Connecting Gmail to Other Apps Using IFTTT
      1. Understanding How IFTTT Works with Gmail
      2. Getting Started with IFTTT
    3. Connecting Gmail to Other Apps with Zapier
      1. Understanding How Zapier Works with Gmail
      2. Understanding Zapier Pricing
      3. Getting Started with Zapier
    4. Sending Yourself Email Reminders with FollowUpThen
    5. Finding Your Largest Messages with Find Big Mail
    6. Delivering Your Messages at Times You Specify with Batched Inbox
    7. Exploring Other Third-Party Tools
  18. 7. Extending Gmail with Browser Tools
    1. Exploring Gmail Browser Extensions
    2. Scheduling and Tracking Messages
      1. Analyzing and Scheduling Email Using Sidekick by HubSpot
      2. Scheduling, Tracking, and Analyzing Messages with mxHero
      3. Scheduling and Tracking Messages with Boomerang for Gmail
      4. Scheduling Messages with SndLatr
    3. Analyzing and Managing Contacts and Customers
      1. Analyzing Your Contacts Using FullContact
      2. Bringing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Your Inbox with Streak
    4. Managing Tasks and To-Do Lists
      1. Managing Tasks with ActiveInbox
      2. Creating To-Do Lists with Todoist for Gmail
      3. Displaying Google Tasks in a Sidebar with RightTasks for Gmail
    5. Enhancing and Simplifying Message Creation
      1. Inserting an Email Signature with WiseStamp
      2. Inserting Text Snippets with Insert Text
      3. Sending Messages from Your Browser with Send from Gmail
    6. Enhancing Gmail Productivity
      1. Boosting Productivity and Enhancing Privacy with Gmelius
      2. Reviewing and Analyzing Your Gmail Usage with Gmail Meter
      3. Receiving Desktop Notifications with Checker Plus for Gmail
      4. Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts with KeyRocket for Gmail
      5. Signing Documents from Your Gmail Inbox with HelloSign
    7. Removing Chrome Extensions