Chapter 7

Bringing It Together: A Mini Practice Verbal Section


check Practicing sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning questions

check Finding out why right answers are right and wrong answers are wrong

Like the real GMAT verbal section, the mini practice test in this chapter has an approximately equal distribution of each of the three types of verbal questions. It contains nine reading-comprehension questions, ten sentence-correction questions, and nine critical-reasoning questions. The total of 28 questions makes this mini verbal test a little over half the size of the 41-question GMAT verbal section. To get more practice, take the full-length practice exams included with this book.

Although we can’t simulate a computer in this book, don’t let that deter you. Just mark the answers right in the book, and try not to look at the answer key until after you’ve answered the questions. We designate each answer choice with a letter to make it easier to reference it in the answer explanations, but on the actual computerized exam, you’ll simply click the oval that precedes each answer choice to mark your answer.

tip To best mimic the computer experience during ...

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