Chapter 8

Analyze This: What to Expect from the Analy tical Writing Assessment


check Getting to know the AWA

check Figuring out the capability of the essay software

check Considering how your essay is scored

The analytical writing assessment (or AWA, as it’s affectionately known) can be intimidating. You’re required to write an analytical essay on a topic that the computer reveals to you just as your time begins to tick away. To earn the top score, you’re expected to provide an excellent analysis and insightful examples and demonstrate a mastery of standard written English. Did we mention that you’re supposed to do this in only 30 minutes? If it seems a little overwhelming, relax. You can do it; we show you how in this chapter.

First, you need to know what you’re up against, so we walk you through the AWA and let you know what to expect. Then, we give you a sneak peak at the writing task required of you. Finally, we get to the part that interests you most — how the AWA is scored.

Fitting in the AWA with the Rest of the GMAT

The AWA is a stand-alone section of the GMAT. The GMAT reports your analytical writing score separately from your integrated reasoning score and your quantitative ...

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